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Tips, tricks & tutorials

opal_help was created to assist you in making your Opal (Libra OSWD) layout look exactly as you want it to. Here you'll find tips, tricks & tutorials for the Opal layout, created by xevinx. You may also ask questions, post your layers, styles and own tutorials, and help others. There are only a few rules, but it's important that you follow them. We want to keep this community running as smoothly and being as user friendly as possible.

Posting Guidelines & Rules

These rules are intended to keep the community running smooth, make the solution to your problem easier to find, and generally keep things under control. Please help keep this a great community by following them.

Please check the memories, tags, and at least 2 pages back before posting questions. Answering the same questions over and over again gets a bit annoying. Should you find what you want but not understand something, feel free to ask for help or for someone to clarify. When posting, please be as clear as possible, in both the post and the subject. We can't help if we don't understand what you're trying to achieve.

opal_help is now using tags. Please use tags when posting entries. Refer to the tags page to see the format in which they're being used, and also which ones there already are. If there's something such as comment-pages and your question is related to your comment page, please use that tag. Don't add new tags unless necessary.

Posting code: There are two ways of posting code: The first is converting it to an HTML friendly chunk, wrapping it in <pre> </pre> tags and putting it behind an <lj-cut>. This way, you're able to add colors and so on to your text. The easier way is to post all of it within <textarea> </textarea> tags, and post as is.

Leave your post up: If your question is answered, please do not delete the post or edit it. We may want to add it to the memories, and can't if the original question's been removed or the post gets deleted.

Stay on topic: Off topic posts will be deleted without notice. THIS INCLUDES QUESTIONS ABOUT OTHER LAYOUTS. This community is Opal Help. There are various other communities that can assist you with other layouts, so pleasepleaseplease make sure your question is Opal related.

Be original: Asking for the same layout as herhimorthem without any specifics or explanation won't be tolerated. Also, do NOT ask someone to make a layout for you. This is for help with current layouts, not a place to find free ones.


Source codes:
Layer | Raw source code | Syntax highlighted

Help with other layouts:
boxer_help | component_help

S2 assistance:
s2layers (post & view other peoples layers)
s2styles (general assistance with the S2 style system)

With that said, thank you in advance for following the rules, and I hope you find what you're looking for. :)

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