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Kelly [userpic]

This is making me crazy.

My current layout:

My testing/mess-with layout:

On the one I have now, which I did not make but have done things to over the years, there is no space/  before the "Leave a comment" text. But I can't seem to replicate that. I have no idea where that code is in the layer.

Obviously it's in there somewhere. o.O

This is what I'm talking about in view sourceCollapse )

Edit: What is it about posting your problem that makes you figure it out minutes later? CommentInfo::print_postlink() and CommentInfo::print_readlink() were throwing me because they say "Comment" and not "Entry" but... all fixed now. They're even there in my current code! Augh I feel stupid now.

voressima [userpic]

I am currently in the process of making a new layout for a friend, and just like every other time I made something new in opal, I came across some issues.

(I really need to learn to stick to just changing colors and slapping a new header on a layout that already works!)

Problem 1: in the sidebar, all boxes have a little header image instead of the plain, standard bolded text title. However, I can't get this for the link list and the page summary. The only piece of code I have on those is $this->lay_print_summary(); and $this->print_linklist();, so, eh, not a lot to work with. Does someone know of any extended code for those, one where I can define a header image etc?

a picture for clarityCollapse )

Problem 2: Details, details... But I'd really like to be able to have my entry links separated by a simple character, "|" or ":", haven't decided yet. Something like this:

comment | edit entry | edit tags

There seems to be a piece of code for that under Entry::print_linkbar(), but when I put a "|" in the spot where I think it should go, it doesn't show up. I probably put it in the wrong place or something :/ (It's also not a color-issue, such as black on black and therefore not being visible. I checked by making my the background color of my entries something bright and nasty)

My code (work in progress):

Thanks in advance!

Eumenides [userpic]

Hi, I'm hoping to find the answer to a question here. Would anyone know how to get the entry links to display in a block below the entry icon? My attempts to achieve this on my own have met with failure. I'm using Haffling's version of Opal that was cleaned by Kunzite and have a paid account. Thanks in advance.

Denorios [userpic]

I'm using a layout by fruitstyle and I followed kunzite1's tutorial for moving the moodtheme pic to the left of the metadata, which worked like a charm. My problem is that the moodtheme pic is too far to the left of the metadata - there's a big gap between my image and my 'current music', 'current mood', 'tags' information. How can I pull the metadata closer to the image on the left?

I also tried to follow julzroguenine's instructions for changing the metadata text to images, but it just exchanged the text for the full URL of the image I wanted to use, rather than the image itself.

My journal is here and my layer is here. Thanks in advance!

Courtney [userpic]

I'm having problems getting my images to show up in the side bar. I used to use Opal a long time ago but can't find my old layouts, so I had to start from scratch. So I used kunzite1's variation of halffling's codes and I'm not sure what needs to be changed to get the images to show in the additional sidebar columns.
Any help would be awesome. Thank you!

o(≧∀≦)o「NYAPPY」tiramisu ☆ [userpic]

i have a basic account and i'd like some help making my taglist show on the sidebar.
i know it's possible because it was there before i stupidly decided to try out different layouts.
i'm using the SAME layout as before now, and the taglist is gone. what could've happened? 

I Believe In Castiel [userpic]

I need a code that will work to automatically cut images and videos from entries on my friends page.

I found the entry have to do with the modified kill list code, but was unable to get that code to work for me.

I also tried the automatic resizing code, which worked well, but will not resize youtube videos.


ditzyfish 🌼 [userpic]

I've looked through the tags and back through posts but can't find what I want to do.

I'd like to replace the entry nav bar text (leave a comment, add to memories, track this etc...) with images if possible?

Hope someone can help, thanks :)

mulder [userpic]

i recently edited my opal layout on dreamwidth to move my comment links to the lower right hand corner of the entry. after much fiddling, it finally worked. however, in doing so, i lost my edit entry link. if anyone could help me figure out how to get it back, i'd greatly appreciate it. here is the code i am using:

layout layer:

theme layer:

carisma_sensei [userpic]

Journal: hnm_updates

1)The layout looks great on firefox, but i tested it on IE today and surprise, for no apparent reason, it scrolls horizontally and i can't find the way to fix it. (screencap)

2)Also, on IE, the userpic won't show up on the comments when using the custom comments page, but it does in Firefox.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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