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carisma_sensei [userpic]

Journal: hnm_updates

1)The layout looks great on firefox, but i tested it on IE today and surprise, for no apparent reason, it scrolls horizontally and i can't find the way to fix it. (screencap)

2)Also, on IE, the userpic won't show up on the comments when using the custom comments page, but it does in Firefox.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Gaëlle [userpic]

Is there a way in Opal to have, in the comments, both images as links and quick reply enabled? I can have a quick reply box if I don't tinker with the source code too much, and I can put images using either Comment::Print_Linkbar or julzroguenine's own modifications of Page::Print_Comment. However, when I use any of these two, the quick reply box never appears and I'm instead taken to the reply page. Are they really not compatible or do I just not know how to do it? :)

Here is my current layer, thanks for any help!

Hello everyone. Small little problem. There's a border coming up around the boxes in my sidebar. I don't think it's anything in the code, but I could be (and probably am) wrong. Does anyone know how to fix it? [SOLVED!]

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My code here.

電話 [userpic]

I've got a bit of a problem.

I'm using a customized theme layer over at domotokyoudai so that I can see tags in the sidebar. The tags show up great, but they're all classified as one columnitem, I think? When I hover over one of the tag links, I want the bar on the left to turn red for only that tag, like they do for the links here.

I've been messing around with the layer, but this is too advanced for me :(.

Can anyone help?

Here's my code:

Thank you so much! (SOLVED)

Andrea [userpic]

Hi guys,

I feel silly asking such a basic question.. but I am trying to change the color of my blog - background from blue to black. This means that I will need to change my entry (content) font color from dark to light (white). I have tried to find the code for the text however I can't seem to find it. Could someone kindly point out which code I should be looking out for?

Appreciate the help..
Thanks much!

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Gaëlle [userpic]

I have a small problem with tags in entries. When friends use tags, these displayed tags do not link to their own journals and tags but to mine. Instead of having friend.livejournal.com/tag/theirtag/ I get carnifinda.livejournal.com/tag/theirtag/. I know it comes from the var string tags_root = $.journal->base_url() + "/tag"; bit but I don't know what to change it to so that it could work on my friends page.

Here is the relevant part of my theme layer. Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for any help! :)

Settiai [userpic]

I've had it set up for several years now that the and images in my journal are replaced with personalized ones. The coding usually needs tweaked a bit whenever LJ changes something, but I can't figure out what to do this time.

If I use only one of those symbols in a post, then it shows the regular LJ image - not my personalized ones. And if I use more than one of them in a post, then the first time it shows the regular LJ image and the rest of the time it shows my own image. The catch is that this only happens if I write something in the post before the [lj user] or [lj comm]; if I simply start out the post with one of them, my own icons show every time.

This is only a problem in Firefox. When I look at my journal in IE, my personalized images show without any problems.

My stylesheet is here and the contents of my theme layer are here.

Bakang Batugan [userpic]

Hallo, me again. Thank you so much to julzroguenine and xoxo_queenb for last time! Sorry to bother again, but I keep finding new stuff to ask about orz. (layer)

#1 I thought it was only temporary but the problem happens every now and then. Sometimes, when I view a page in my journal, the first column in the sidebar calendar stretches (preview). It doesn't happen all the time but it happens quite frequently, it's starting to annoy me. I hope there's a way to fix this~

#2 I just noticed that whenever I put a table in my entries, the width of the table stretches to the current width of the entry itself. Thinking the table table {width: 100%;} did this, I changed the 100% to auto and it does make the table width back to default. But now I see the reason why it was defined that way because the previous/next links don't stretch up to the width of the entries too. Is there a way to define this magical width: 100% override to the previous/next links alone?

#3 I want to customize the quote function (preview) so I customized the .commentreply div div and .commentreply div sections as I was instructed to do when I was using Flexible Squares before but now that I paste it in my layer's css, it doesn't work anymore. Any ideas?

#4 Is there a way to show the 'anonymous' text in the summary sidebox? It looks kinda awkward when it's blank (preview). I'd also like to customize the text by having it say 'anon' instead and be bolded up like the logged in user's names are if possible.

1&2 are the ones I really want to fix the most but I'd appreciate help for any of these problems, thank you! ♥

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Bakang Batugan [userpic]

Hallo. First thing's first, here's my layer.

#1 This may seem shallow but how do I change the bullet of the tags in the tags page? SOLVED!

#2 Speaking of the tags page, how do I customize the looks of the tags? I want them to look like my links section in the sidebox. SOLVED!

#3 I find it odd that the background of the comments
in this entry is transparent but it's filled up with color in every other entry. Is there a way to fix this? SOLVED!

#4 Can I change the reply, edit, delete, screen, freeze, etcetera etcetera in the comments page to my own? I want to edit a few link's text and make them all in lowercase.

#5 I see $this->lay_print_summary(); in my layer but the summary box isn't showing for some reason. Any ideas? SOLVED!

#6 Does the user's tiny icon really don't show up in the friends page? Can I change this setting? Is it possible to make it look something like username posted in thecommunity? SOLVED!

#7 Can I change those bullet-like :'s to something else in the calendar page? SOLVED!

#8 Why does is the Youtube video cut in half in this page? The same thing occurs in my friends page. Is there a way to fix this? SOLVED!

Sorry for the amount of questions, I tried to look for every problem possible so I won't come back soon to spam again. ^^;

The ones I'm really keen on are 1, 2, and especially 8. The rest are just for curiosity's sake and I can do without. :3

Thanks in advance! \o/

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phz [userpic]

Hi, I'm using one of fruitstyle's CSS code in a plus account. I tweak the code to a different colour and width but the problem I have here is that the reply form pop up above when normally it should be below the entry or any comment. Here's a picture.

Here's the CSS code im using.

Thanks in advance.

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